Our New Feature

Virtual Reality 360° video

A interactive 360° virtual reality video of the VIP G650. Watch 360° VR video

Watch the VR G650 video

360° virtual walk through of a VIP G650. Experience an interactive day and night VIP feeling, while we will guide you through the cabin.

*360° embeded videos doesn´t run correctly on Safari browser.
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Watch it via FreeVRPlayer app directly on your device.

Tap on the logo to navigate to the download page of www.freevrplayer.com and install the app on your device. FreeVRPlayer is working on all platforms like Android and iOS systems. Download the example video of the G650 by copying the following link into the FreeVRPlayer-App Download Video section:


Download FreeVRPlayer app Download VR 360° Video

app manual

Step-by-step manual for VR videos.